PhD – Experimental Rock Deformation (2011-2015)
University College London – Department of Earth Sciences
Thesis title: A Fracture Mechanics Study of an Anisotropic Shale
Supervisors: Prof. P. Meredith (UCL), Dr. N. Brantut (UCL), Dr. Brian Crawford (ExxonMobil)
Examiners: Prof. R. Zimmerman (Imperial College), Dr. T. Mitchell (UCL)

MSc – Exploration Geophysics, Distinction (2007–2008)
The University of Leeds – Department of Earth Sciences
Thesis title: Extending the common-contour binning technique to the pre-stack domain
Grade: Distinction

MSci Physics, 2:1 (2003–2007)
The University of Durham – Department of Physics
Thesis title: The abundance of gamma-ray bursts as a test of hierarchical galaxy formation models
Grade: 2:1

A-Levels (2001–2003)
Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham
Grades: 3 A-grades in A-Level Physics, Maths, Chemistry. 2 A-grades in AS-Level Environmental Science, General Studies.

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